Auto-Updating Applications and the Start Menu

by: sho220 | sep 28 2013 at 01:00pm pdt |

Nowadays, on mobile and desktops, applications are all about auto-updates. Get the latest version! Get the latest version! You're constantly bombarded with notices to update your ailing app. When you do finally update, it is usually a painless process. You hit install, whatever device you're on does some work, it finishes and you're ready to use the latest version. However, the 'does some work' process has become a 'we're going to install our application with settings we think you want'. For instance, when applications like Skype, Raptr, and XSplit, run their auto-updaters, they will consistently add a shortcut to your Start Menu under All Programs. Developers of these apps completely disregard my previous organizational attempts. In the end, it isn't too big of a deal, I just delete the shortcuts they've made. But it'd be FABULOUSLY AMAZING if the shortcuts would not be created in the first place.

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My 1st Post

by: sho220 | sep 13 2013 at 11:34pm pdt |

There's an excerpt from a Notorious B.I.G. interview in Jay-Z's 'My 1st Song'. I've always liked the excerpt, and I want to be more like it - I want to attack projects, knock them out and then do another, and another, and another!

So, to remind myself of the pace I want to keep, I created a few wallpapers with my favorite part of the quote.

Click on any image below to get a 1920x1080 version.

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